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on the Grief


Make a difference today.

Step 1

Click here to be taken to the online fundraising platform GiveNow.

Step 2

Click the menu item "Become a CrowdRaiser"

Step 3

Fill out the details of your CrowdRaiser, including your goal $ amount.

To save you time, some of the details are already filled out!

Screen Shot 2022-11-06 at 1.41.57 pm.png

Step 4

Ask family, friends and colleagues to donate to your campaign

and give a bereaved family a Possum Portrait of their baby.

If just 15 people give $20, you've already raised enough funds for 1 portrait!

Step 5

When the time limit is up, GiveNow will will automatically transfer the

funds you raised to Possum Portraits - however many donations you got, and whether you hit, didn't hit or outperformed your target. Job done!

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