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I'm not sure what I want for my baby's portrait ...

That's ok.

Losing a child is probably the hardest thing anyone will ever have to do. Given the immensity of this loss, you may find comfort in getting to spend some more time with your baby in the intimate act of memorialisation.


In designing with us a beautiful and respectful memento of your child, you will be actively involved in shaping how you want to remember and commemorate your baby. This can be an empowering and cathartic experience on your grief journey, and produces at the end a keepsake which you can truly treasure.

Of course it is not the same as having your baby there with you, and does not make up for a lifetime of lost moments together. But we hope that their portrait will help you remember them, help express how much they mean to you, and legitimise your feelings of love, grief and parenthood.

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