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Our Journey

Every journey has a beginning. Ours started in Germany, with a text message sent between two sisters, Annika and Larissa Reinboth.

At that time a midwife in training and having recently experienced her first stillbirth, Annika was upset. She felt strongly that the bereavement care services with respect to offering parents worthy visual keepsakes of their babies were systemically lacking.


Yes, there were wonderful angel baby photographers who did outstanding and important work. But not all parents had access to their services. Those that didn't received photographs taken by hospital staff, or took their own. These photos were often unfit to serve as the cherished memento they were intended to be.

Annika suggested that Larissa draw angel baby portraits. She made the case that these could be more appropriate than photographs in several situations. The sisters started their project as a for-profit model in Germany, to sound out feedback and see whether there was a need for the service.

The unanimous answer was, yes! So when Larissa moved to Melbourne in 2020 with her Aussie husband and their daughter, she wanted to start off in her new home on another foot. The portrait service was to be free for parents, as she felt strongly it should be. She particularly loved one of the many nicknames Australians give their children - possum. Thus, Possum Portraits was born.

You don't recognise a parent
by the children you can see,
but by the children they hold
in their heart.

Our Mission

Every day in Australia, 6 babies are stillborn. 2 more die as a result of neonatal complications. In our affluent, resourceful society, a miscarriage still occurs every 3,5 minutes. 

Our mission is to ensure that every parent has access to a keepsake of their child which manages to support and comfort them on their grief journey.


For some loss parents, this keepsake is a beautiful photograph, a lock of hair, or a piece of custom jewellery.


But if parents have none of these, or if the mementos they do possess aren't up to the task, we are here to offer a bespoke bereavement care service free of charge.


Because parents have real input into the design of their baby's portrait, the resulting artwork commemorates their child in just the way they wish to remember it.

Our Vision

Possum Portraits is a Charity registered with the Australian Charities and Nonprofit Commission. We strive to help alleviate the pain and loss felt by bereaved parents upon loosing their baby.

To help us accomplish our goal, our efforts include

  • advocating on behalf of loss parents to receive more comprehensive follow-up care (i.e. parental leave following a loss, post-partum care for mothers, etc.)

  • working with other institutions in the perinatal care sector to raise awareness of baby loss

  • educating the public on pregnancy loss and how to talk to the bereaved in a supportive, inclusive manner

We hope to help engender a culture in which pregnancy and baby loss is less socially stigmatised. A more inclusive, educated society can better support loss parents in their recovery and be part of the solution, not the problem.

We warmly invite you to embark on this journey with us.

Meet the Team


Annika Reinboth

Vice President

Midwife and sister to Possum Portrait's founder Larissa Reinboth, it was Annika who first suggested  drawing angel baby portraits for bereaved parents.

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Larissa Reinboth

Founder / President

A professional iIllustrator and designer by trade, Larissa currently draws all of our Possum Portraits. She feels strongly about her vocation of creating original artworks with a worthwhile and practical purpose.

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Cameron Pearce


Making sure we keep on top of all our obligations and overseeing the running of a smooth ship is Cameron: a man with a big smile and an even bigger heart.

Meet the
Board of Directors