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Collecting Money

Fundraise for Us

Community fundraising involves collecting funds as an individual or as a  group on behalf of Possum Portraits. You can do this online or offline, either by hosting an event or creating a "crowdraising" campaign.


To raise money you can get your local community involved, the team members of a social club you belong to, your workplace colleagues or just friends and family. 


To fundraise online, you can set up your own 'crowdraiser' on a platform called GiveNow. It is free to use and set up a campaign. Simply select Possum Portraits from the dropdown menu as the cause you want to fundraise for and then shout about your campaign from the rooftops!


Online is great, but sometimes you want to get a bit more hands-on. Popular fundraising ideas to get you started are:

  • raffles

  • sports tournaments

  • trivia nights

  • coin box collections

  • bake sales

Just pick your event type, set yourself a fundraising target and register your event with us!

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Here is a downloadable PDF guide to jump-start your fundraiser!

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