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These drawings have helped me more than I can say. You cannot even imagine how much. 

For me, a drawing is more abstract and approachable than a photograph. These drawings do not trivialize our children, nor do they show them differently than they were. But the muted colour palette and the brown paper, as well as the artist's emphasis on certain details while omitting others, brings out the most beautiful side of any angel baby. Personally, it helped me a lot that the artist drew Noah's eyes more distinctly than they appeared in the photo. The commissioning process allowed me to actively participate in how I wanted to share my babies with those around us.

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- Pia

mum of Noah and Lena

The portrait captures our girls perfectly and is so tastefully done. What an important service!

I just wanted to say how grateful we all are. The portrait is stunning, it captures our girls perfectly and is so tastefully done. Isla is so impressed by it and says it's great because she can look at a picture of her sisters whenever she wants. Thank you so much, you have such an important and beautiful service that any parents who have suffered loss will treasure.

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- Lianne

mum of Isla, and

of angels Ailie and Isobel

Our portrait is everything we had hoped for and more.

The portrait is so touching and makes my family very happy. It shows so much love that all the sadness we feel moves into the background. This is precisely what we had hoped for. Many, many thanks!

- Isabel

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Thank you very much for your really stupendous work. To see Karl and Edda together like this is a very special moment.

I am glad you exist and glad you offer such creative grief support for bereaved mothers and fathers. Thank you!

- Thorsten

dad of Karl and Edda

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