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for bereaved parents and their families

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stillbirths *



neonatal deaths*




(in  the  2nd  or  3rd  trimester)

*   Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

** estimate based on the number of total miscarriages a year divided by the known rate of 2nd and 3rd trimester miscarriages

How It Works

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Donors & Sponsors

finance the mission

All portraits are funded by our generous donors and sponsors. We believe that every parent should have a beautiful picture to remember their child by. But we also beliebe that parents should not have to pay for this picture on top of suffering a loss. Many of our donors are themselves bereaved parents, making a difference in the lives of their peers.

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Possum Portraits

creates angel baby portraits

Possum Portraits' resident artists draw all our portraits by hand, on the basis of reference photographs supplied by bereaved parents. All portraits come framed in a white, museum grade mat board, ready to be framed and hung.

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Bereaved Parents

receive a portrait of their baby

Bereaved parents supply the photographic reference pictures for their Possum Portrait. In close collaboration with our artist, parents decide on the best way of adapting their chosen picture in a drawing and receive it upon completion free of charge.

Who is eligible

for a free Portrait?

Every bereaved parent in Australia can apply for a Possum Portrait.

If you have suffered multiple losses, you may apply for a portrait for each child. Many parents also opt for a portrait which pictures their angel babies together in one portrait. This is a matter of personal preference and may not be your choice.


We can only draw each child once. If friends or family members would like a portrait of your baby too, we supply a high resolution digital scan of your portrait with each drawing. This scan can be distributed as needed and is suitable for printing in large formats.

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