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Terrianne Murray

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Artist Bio

Terrianne has always expressed herself through art.

Since her childhood growing up in Melbourne, she has been able to explore a deeper connection to people she engages with through portraiture, painting and sculpture.

Terrianne feels that there is a profound heart energy that connects us all. To see and feel this energy grow from a blank canvas into an image of a person to her expresses this interconnectivity.

Terrianne is a founding member and a past President of the Pastel Society of Victoria.

In looking for a deeper meaning and purpose of the art I
create, a friend told me about Possum Portraits. I knew

that doing this work was the meaning I had been looking for.

Creating these portraits is an opportunity to connect on a
deeper level with the love of a family. I am hoping, with my small gift,

that it may help facilitate the continuation of the heart

connection between an Angel Baby and their parents and family.



Terrianne's Gallery

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