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By Parents
for Parents

The Loss Parent Peer Fund is launching in January 2022 as a tool which enables bereaved parents to support other bereaved parents in accessing a Possum Portrait.

Parents who have successfully received their Possum Portrait have the option of donating into this fund directly and thereby enabling other parents to access their free portrait, too.


Money in this fund is used solely to cover the direct costs associated with creating a portrait drawing: this means it covers artist fees, postage costs and artist materials only. Funds in the Loss Parent Peer Fund are not used towards our organisation's ongoing running costs or other miscellaneous expenses, meaning that all money donated to this fund directly and exclusively finances the creation of new portrait drawings.

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What can I contribute?

How much you give is entirely up to you - every little helps.

The dollar amounts below give an indication of what your money helps us provide.

You can of course choose to donate however much you would like - you also have the option

of donating only once, or else to opt for a smaller, recurring monthly donation.

Our goal is to raise $12,000 this year, which will cover the cost for 50 entirely peer-funded portraits.


delivers 5 portraits to their families

by covering postage & packaging


buys art materials for 30 portraits


covers all costs for a complete

portrait from start to finish

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