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Larissa Reinboth

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Artist Bio

Larissa is a German-born visual artist and illustrator. She has been living and working in Melbourne since 2020, founding Possum Portraits in late 2021 with the aim of providing a unique bereavement care service to parents facing perinatal loss.

Larissa has been drawing commemorative keepsake portraits for bereaved parents in Germany since 2018 and has completed well over a hundred such drawings to date. 

Larissa holds an MA in Illustration and Book Arts and a BA in Fine Art from two British universities.

While the subject matter of my work can be heartbreaking, I am grateful

that I get the chance to make a difference with my art.


When I receive feedback from a parent telling me how much their

baby's portrait means to them, I know I have made something that

matters: few people are lucky enough to experience that sort of

professional satisfaction on a daily basis.


I feel honoured that parents trust me to tastefully depict such

intimate moments of their lives, and hope that I can do them justice.



Larissa's Gallery

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