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Donate Your Day

There is much to be said for abundance.

But sometimes, slimming it down

makes you feel even better.

If you would like to offer more Australian families the chance to receive a free portrait of their angel baby, how about asking your well-wishers to donate what they would otherwise have spent on your present to Possum Portraits instead?

Whether you're having an engagement party, a birthday, a wedding or any other occasion where it is customary to give gifts: ask your friends and family to make a difference in the life of parents affected by loss. 

Set up your Donate Your Day campaign

To fundraise online, you can set up your own 'crowdraiser' on a platform called GiveNow. It is free to use and to set up a campaign.


Simply select Possum Portraits from the dropdown menu as the cause you want to fundraise for, and then shout about your campaign from the rooftops!


How to spread the word about your campaign



  • Include links to your campaign page in emails to friends, family and anyone else you'd like to invite to donate

  • Share the link to your campaign page on your social media profiles

  • To increase the impact of your campaign and help people understand exactly why you are fundraising, it is helpful to record a small video in which you explain why this cause is important to you. You can then post this video on channels like Instagram, YouTube or TikTok and redirect back to your campaign page.


  • If your event is by invitation only, include the URL to your campaign page on the paper invitation

  • Write or print the URL of your campaign page on little bits of paper and carry them around with you to hand out to people

  • Tell everyone about it: word of mouth is king

  • Organise little events in support of your campaign, for example a bake sale, fun run or dance off

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